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Price Slash - How Do I Qualify:

I’m new student applying at RESPUBLICA on NSFAS.
I’m a new Non- NSFAS Student applying at RESPUBLICA.
I’m a NSFAS Student currently residing at any of the RESPUBLICA residences.
Applicable Bunked bed Rooms ONLY.
All applications must be submitted between 18 April 2017 - 1 July 2017.
ONLY Students who checks in no later than 25th July 2017 will be Eligible for this Promotion.


  • Eastwood Village provides a purpose built student living experience encompassing a combination of apartment and studio room options
  • All prices shown below are monthly rates and are for a single or sharing bed in an apartment or studio
  • Rates vary according to room type


Step 1: Apply & pay

  • Complete your application.
  • Pay the amount reflected on the pro forma invoice to secure your bed.

Step 2: Submit your info

  • Complete personal information.
  • Upload your required documents and get ready to check in!

Step 3: Check in.

  • Bring a copy of your email acceptance to the student residence reception.
  • If your application, documents and payments are all in order then we will show you to your room, provide you access and welcome you in.