Prices reflected are for 2019. Please change the move in date for other pricing.

West City

From R 3,485 per bed
TUT Main Campus is the closest institute, 6.50km away.
50 min

Perfectly situated for TUT students, West City has a regular and safe bus route that stops on our doorstep. Home to over 1000 students, great care is taken to make this community feel comfortable and live within a study environment.

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Eastwood Village

From R 3,950 per bed
UP Hatfield is the closest institute, 0.90km away.
10 min

Ideal for TUKS students, whether you’re a first-year wanting to make friends or a group of returning friends wanting to share an apartment. This res opens its doors for the first time in January 2016. Be the first to live in this res and help us build our legacy!

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Urban Nest

From R 3,975 per bed
UP Hatfield is the closest institute, 2.40km away.
20 min

Our smallest residence, the comfortable Urban Nest is conveniently located in the quiet and leafy suburb of Arcadia making it an ideal location for University of Pretoria students, TUT students as well as the host of colleges in the area.

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Hatfield Square

From R 4,875 per bed
UP Hatfield is the closest institute, 0.50km away.
5 min

This is one of our newest and most modern developments to date. Hatfield Square is virtually on the campus of the University of Pretoria and will suit all TUKS students. Living in Hatfield will allow you walking distance access to the university book shop, grocery stores and a variety of restaurants.

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